Spartan is proud to offer a wide range of mission-capable airframes ready for deployment in a wide range of theaters

  • ISR Platform Aircraft. Transport Category to Piston, we successfully deliver entire fleet solutions to Prime Contractors and Governments.

  • Flight Testing and Data Gathering Aircraft. Supporting major simulator manufacturer's flight test programs and aircraft component manufacturer's test and certification projects for fixed wing and rotor-craft.

  • Humanitarian Relief. Supplying specialized aircraft to meet critical humanitarian crisis needs.

  • Air Ambulance Aircraft. Proven track record of purchase and resale of Air Ambulance fleets and single aircraft.

  • Chase Aircraft. Delivering long-term and short-term lease solutions to aircraft manufacturers for aircraft observation and chase operations.

  • Maintenance. Providing critical support for your fixed-wing or rotor air frames to stay fully mission capable. 


Spartan's special mission aircraft can be transferred in a wide range of contracts and engagements, both with pilots and crew and without.  We work closely with our partners to provide the right capabilities rapidly to exceed mission expectations for performance and reliability.