Image by Max Böttinger

Drone Services

Image by Erik Mclean

Search & Rescue| Pursuit | Mapping


Spartan works hand-in-hand with law enforcement to provide comprehensive drone services from search and rescue thermal support to active pursuit support, to community mapping and analysis.  Reach out and add drones to your department's toolset. 

Image by Hennie Stander


Mapping |  LiDAR | Analysis

Transmission represents a critical component of our Nation's infrastructure.  Spartan's expert teams will record, evaluate, and report current conditions and concerns and work with you to establish a detailed understanding of your system.  We can leverage thermal and LiDAR capabilities to identify points of concern in an interactive platform.

Image by Patrick Hendry

Oil & Gas

Advanced Analysis | 3D Mapping| Thermal

Spartan provides detailed 3D mapping and thermal analysis of critical components that goes well-beyond simple inspections.  Our teams will work with you to ensure a clear understanding of your facility for corrosion, compliance, and security evaluation.

Harvest Work


Detailed Mapping | Termal | Analysis

Agriculture is the lifeblood of our Nation and Spartan brings the best in technology to capture and track your crops performance, concerns, and opportunities throughout the year.  Our team can set up internal mappings that will allow for clear understanding of the health and responsiveness of your crops.