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Spartan Corp Customers
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Software Solutions

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Product Development As A Service

Concept | Development | Deployment

Product Development As a Service

Spartan has a proven track record of working closely with our customers to take ideas and turn them into revenue sources.  We have created industry-leading SAAS solutions that capture new markets, retire aging assets, and engage new markets of customers through cutting-edge solutions.  Our microservice solutions are leveraged by millions of customers every day under our client's banners.  Our team stands ready 24x7x365 to support any challenges that may arise, and ensure that your organization captures and grows with your product.

Software Services | Cloud Architectures | Development Operations

Development Services

Software development is the primary skill of most of our operations at Spartan.  We thrive in an agile and diverse environment of architectures and technologies that lends our team's unique capabilities in solving individual complex problems or providing a stable foundation for future development.

We are your Cloud experts. From government implementations to hybrid solutions, we have you covered with all of the leading technologies, architectures, and languages. We can help you establish your environment or simply add to your catalog of applications and services. Just let us know how we can help. 

Development Operations (DevOps) is where the rubber meets the road with process, people, and technology working in unison to deliver your applications and services.  Spartan will help you identify the key concepts, philosophies, and processes that will breathe life into your organization's software factory to make it secure, reliable, and performant.

Turn-Key Software Department

Turn-Key Software Department

Design | Foster | Deliver

We are not here to just build your software and leave, nor do we want you to be dependent on someone else to maintain and evolve your product. 


Spartan will not only build your product, but we will handpick key personnel and foster them into your new software team with our proven placement processes.  This is your new software department that will join your organization at the end of the engagement.  


We are here to ensure your ultimate success. 

Operations as a Service

Operations As a Service

Innovation | Execution | Evolution

Spartan brings to bear solid processes, technologies, and personnel that have proven successful across a wide range of domains.  Our teams are available to support daily operations, systems engineering, architectural planning, and more.  With an experienced mind for cybersecurity, sustainability, and modularity, we will help you evolve your current systems and develop new approaches to your existing challenges. 

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