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What IS Secure?

Spartan endeavors to not only answer this question for the domain of SPACE but to apply the standard of practice in a sound and comprehensive process that establishes what is truly


Next-Generation Space & Cyber Capabilities

Spartan is spearheading a multi-organizational program to bring groundbreaking space and

cyber operations capabilities to Western Florida with the "Colosseum" program. The first mission of the

Colosseum is to define the standard of what cybersecurity means for space systems. 

We are bringing together a wide range of security capabilities to deliver next-generation environments through unique cyber and space ranges. This novel facility has been developed in close cooperation with Space Florida and the US Military.

The Colosseum serves many functions from active interdiction, operations support, component development, personnel readiness, wargaming, and more.  We are partnering with Local, State, Department of Defense, Academia, and Commercial organizations to bring life to a program that will deliver the new standard in live training for complex cyber and space preparedness while engaging and fostering small and disadvantaged business development.

Spartan is determined to not only assuere that new space systems meet the standard of "Cleared for Launch", but that existing systems are engaged and updated to improve their postures to ensure long and secure missions.


Our commitment is to ensure we maintain the edge in the rapidly-evolving domains of space and cyber to ensure

Mission Security, Safety, & Success.



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