Next-Generation Space & Cyber Capabilities

Spartan is spearheading a multi-organizational program to bring the next generation in space and cyber preparedness, operations, and capabilities to the St. Petersburg area.  We are working closely with Local, State, DoD, Academic, and Commercial organizations to bring to life a program that will deliver an live training environment for complex cybersecurity and space preparedness, interdiction, and operations, while engaging and fostering small and disadvantage business development.

Our commitment, as always, is to the American Warfighter, and putting modern tools, processes, platforms, and communications in their hands to ensure they keep their edge in the rapidly-changing space and cyber domains.

For more information and to learn about joining the Colosseum program, please reach out to our program management office. 

Peter Galle
Phone: (888) 536-1348 Ext. 701
Fax: 1(888) 546-1348