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SPARTAN Cybersecurity

Industry Experts, proven in Commercial, Federal, and State arenas to protect your sensitive systems from malicious actors around the world.

Vulnerability Scanning

Systems, Products, & Processes

Spartan provides a wide range of vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to help identify the potential points of exploit across your network.  Our scans not only classify system concerns and gaps, but we also offer assessments of current countermeasures and provide comprehensive remediation plans.

Vunerability Scanning
Cybersecurity Incident Response

Incident Response

Collection, Recovery, & Response

Spartan Cyber incident response teams are seasoned experts in their fields.  We quickly engage to limit exposure and impact after an incident.  Our teams work quickly to preserve evidence and system information to support law enforcement and to ensure you have a swift and stable recovery.  Quill is here to support you long after an incident and will support you with public relations, employee, client, and shareholder engagement.

Security Planning

Standards, Staff, Tools, & Planning

Spartan experts will work with you to identify the key requirements for your business, each organization is unique and will have opportunities and vulnerabilities that will lead to your overall security approach. Processes are the foundation to good cyber practice. We develop processes that meet your business's abilities to ensure you are properly mitigating risk. Tools can be overwhelming. There are thousands of options out there and we will bring decades of hands-on experience with these solutions to ensure that you have the most consolidated and effective suite of solutions possible.

Cybersecurity Planning
Cybersecurity Consulting

Security Consulting

Operations, Transitions, & Upgrades

Spartan's cyber experts start every engagement with a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment of your systems and processes.  We sit with your teams to understand not only the hardware and software but the business processes and demand of your organization to ensure that your security approach is robust and appropriate for your needs.  Our teams provide detailed descriptions and roadmaps of your systems to ensure an efficient transition to a secure posture.  We are here to ensure your organization has a predictable and performant execution of your security plan.

Virtual CISO

Leadership, Planning, & Execution

Spartan's expert CISOs will embed in your organization to ensure that your security needs, plans, and mitigations are comprehensive and appropriate for your organization.  Our leaders can support your organization on a full-time or fractional basis.

Outsourced CISO
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