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Spartan Marine Systems

Marine Systems

Spartan Honduras Delivery

Marine Solutions

Spartan marine systems provide advanced analytics to ensure accurate, consistent, and mission-driven solutions.  Spartan has been working with NATO Navy forces in Central America to establish a refurbishment and sustainment effort of littoral watercraft successfully.  These activities resulted in new mission support capabilities and direct increase our partners' effectiveness in many austere regions.

Spartan Marine Services

Marine Services

Spartan provides complete life-cycle marine services to ensure successful mission operations and enhance the safety of your CONUS and OCONUS operations.  We are experts at identifying and sourcing your mission-critical ships and watercraft.  Spartan can provide new or used vessels, engines, and components.  Our team conducts hull, powerplant, and systems inspection services to help safeguard your future investments.  Spartan also provides vessel transport to your operational theater.

Spartan Marine Operations

Maintenance Operations

Spartan will manage your fleet to ensure your vessels are performing at peak efficiencies and your operations have the equipment required for mission success.  We provide preventive maintenance services onsite standing support, austere field repairs, complete refurbishments, enhanced operational equipment installation, and configuration/tuning.  Spartan engages with local economies and has established maintenance centers in a number of locations with full services, including secure transportation of vessels to and from our repair facilities.

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