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Spartan Corp ISR Services

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)

Spartan ISR Collection

Sensors | Integration | Operations


Spartan has deep domain experience in selecting, installing, calibrating, operating, and maintaining complex sensor suites across a wide range of platforms.  Our veteran staff works closely with industry leaders in sensor technologies to ensure you have the most effective solution for your mission.

Spartan ISR Dissemination


Secure | Accessible | Performant

Data transmission is a critical step in an effective ISR solution, and Spartan has you covered with experienced personnel and leading-edge technology to meet the specific needs of your mission. 

Spartan ISR Interpretation


Advanced Analysis | Accurate | Consistent

Spartan supports you in the organization, interpretation, and adjudication of data captured.  We provide expert staff, proven processes, and custom applications to aid and support getting the absolute most out of your mission data.

Spartan ISR Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Rapid Assessement | High Cpacity | Learning

Spartan is a veteran leader in the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning for rapid and accurate adjudication of captured data.  Rapid mass data review and disposition is one of the best investments of funds for an ISR operation and our team will ensure results for the mission.

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